Why Choose Keto Diet?

Why Choose Keto Diet?

Irrespective of the diet, it is very difficult to stay motivated as the studies suggest that people tried more diets than the pair of shoes because they want results in a short period of time.
If you ask me about the best diet I have tried so far, then without any doubt, ketogenic diet has proven to be the best.
If you talk about the diet plans, it is not that easy like counting diet points. It give you best results but you have to follow the instructions carefully.
At first, it was difficult as well as challenging for me to get and stay in ketosis state but after sometime, I’ve had huge success using the Keto Diet supplements. The market was flooded with the advertisements and people claiming to get the best results, I was always curious to try out these supplements.

Why are supplements important for you ?

Why are supplements important for you ?

You will fill all kind of nutritional gaps with the help of simple ingredients like calcium and phosphorus which will boost minerals. Whereas the consumption of electrolyte supplements will provide salts like potassium. But when it comes to protein, pre-workout boosters and ketone, you have to be extremely careful about the carbs.
So, the process I attempt is to get the help from dietitians and nutrionists to take a look at the available products and suggest the best ones. With their help, I can tell you that if the supplement carries these following ingredients, buy it without thinking twice.


Best Keto Supplements

When you ask anyone who is on Keto, the first thing you will hear from them is its Amazing. But if you take a good look, you will find out that people are getting fast results fast but at the same time they are facing some challenges such as low energy, keto flu and other nutrient deficiencies.

Since keto supplements aren’t compulsory while you are on Keto diet but when you take them, they will make things much easier. But the issue is, not all are best and you must choose the best one according to your desired results. So after the collaboration with the professionals, we figured 14 best ones which are effective and give desired results when you add them into your lifestyle.

A number of these can be easily added to your daily routine via natural ingredients while the other can be obtained after changing a bit your daily carbohydrate limits. Here are the top of line boosters for you so that you will not only understand their working but also select the best one for you according to your needs.

Here you will see best keto supplements you should take when you are on the keto diet:-

  • Exogenous Ketones
  • Electrolytes (Sodium and Potassium)
  • ECA Stack
  • MCT oil
  • Fish Oil
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D
  • Chromium and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
  • Creatine
  • Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB)
  • Tribulus
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Carnitine (in L or Acetyl-L-form)
  • Glutamine
  • HMB commonly known as Hydroxymethlybutyrate


When you talk about the goal of keto diet, then without doubt it is to put your body into ketogenic state. Of course you can’t deny hard work but the best and the fastest way to reach ketosis is via taking exogenous ketones which based on BHB salts.

A lot of dieters take them to cut the margin of error and get the ketogenic state faster. Studies shows that it will not only boosts the athletic performance but also helps you in controlling your appetite.

As a result, your mental function will improve a lot. If you take only one scoop of keto supplement, it will deliver you best results by improving your workouts because it increases your stamina and energy levels.



If you take only one scoop of keto supplement, it will deliver you best results by improving your workouts because it increases your stamina and energy levels. In the first couple of weeks, studies suggest that your bodies will go through adjustment phase and you will get to know that you aren’t using it the way it should be used.

You will always lose electrolytes fast because you will definitely shed water. The main cause of this is that before your body reach full ketosis, it will get rid of all glycogen reserves. Many of the people lead to hydration because glycogen binds to three parts of water. When you lose water, it will cause headaches, decrease in energy levels and in some cases, cramps as well.

So, it is best to use these electrolytes if you really want to counter these symptoms. The best way to add electrolytes is to add table salt and bouillon. For the K, you have different methods such as nuts, avocados as well as leafy greens. But the thing is to use those keto supplements which will boost electrolytes.

fish oil

3. Fish Oil

Fish oil is the one which should be at the first slot on any of the keto diet supplements because of its numerous advantages. You will face no issue in adding it into your daily routine because it is available easily in the market. The fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which are considered as an essential for protecting the brain and fighting the fat molecules in the blood.

These are also best for fighting inflammation. They helps you in staying ketosis state and also prevent heart diseases. Studies suggest that most people don’t get enough of them when they are on keto diet. You will take a lot of omega-6 fatty acids during keto which will promote inflammation.

But when you increase your omega-3 intake, it will resolve this issues along with several other health benefits. Nutrionists have the view that the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 should be in the range of 4:1 but in most of the western countries, it is in the range of 16:1 which is way high.

You can boost your ratio via eating salmon, avocado and number of other foods but you can also counter this deficiency from a keto supplement which will do wonders for your health



If you talk about the duct tape of the keto world, then MCT oils will be at the top slot. The reason is that they hold everything together in the best possible manner and as a result, your life will be easier.

MCT oils are actually fats which are absorbed by your body easily and results in a number of health benefits. The top of the line benefits are fast energy, increased ketone levels and controls of food cravings which delivers better weight loss.

They are very easy to use and you can use them easily in the shake, or you can even make a smoothie. You can also take spoonful of it straight easily with simple water and boost your energy for all day long. MCT oils are best for those who struggles to stick to the diet plan because of their food cravings. It will help you in getting rid of these issues.

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Want to boost your energy levels along with increase in metabolism and reduce short term fat? ECA stack is the perfect way to do it. But you have to first consult with your doctor first because it is only for the serious ketoers and it is not for those who are suffering from cardiac issues.

Usually everyone know about the caffeine and aspirin because they are the commons ones but ephedrine is new to keto users. The main function of this ingredient is to increases the amount of fat available which will turn into energy.



If you are a gym enthusiast who wants to give it all in the gym, Glutamine is the must have supplement due to its number of advantages. It has amino acid which will boost your performance because it acts as an antioxidant in your body. When you are on Keto diet plan, you are not getting enough antioxidants because you are cutting way back on carbs.

As a result, you don’t have enough energy to perform best in the gym. The best way to solve this issue is via Glutamine as it not only increases your energy levels but also decrease your recovery time which will results in better and more productive workouts.



This is yet another electrolyte which ketoers don’t get in enough amount. There are a lot of advantages of magnesium as it not only boosts your energy levels but also protect your body from everything by regulating your blood sugar levels. You will have a clarity of mind as it regulates mental function.

So, you should watch your diet closely because majority of people faces magnesium deficiency when they are on keto diet. Experts suggest that when you start to take 200-400 mg per day of magnesium, you will not experience headaches, fatigue or even cramps.

Get magnesium from keto diet supplements if you are not getting it form your everyday diet. If you’re struggling to get enough from food, then look for some keto diet supplements that will give you a boost.



Usually carnitine comes in couple of forms but one is considered as a more specialized for keto but both of them are good as they deliver a lot of benefits. There is no issue in taking both at the same time. To get a metabolic boost, use L-carnitine which helps metabolize fat.

The basic point is that it helps you attain weight loss and also turn fat stores into fuel. While the L-carnitine is considered as a general supplement which delivers positive effects on your brain.



Vitamin D is one of the core nutrient which a lot of people struggles to get in enough quantity. It helps in cell growth and makes your bones strong.

The natural source of vitamin D is sun and it is also available in some food. So, no matter if you are on Keto or not, taking Vitamin D supplement is a good option to opt.



When people starts keto, they experience some issues like nausea. Keto is no doubt great but there is a fair chance that it will disturb digestive tract because it is high fat along with moderate protein.

All of these along with low carb lead to some unpleasant digestive issues. When you take keto digestive supplements which contains protease and lipase, you can easily counter these issues.



Are you looking to boost your performance in the gym and attain bigger muscles? If yes, creatine should be your first choice because it not only delivers weight loss results, but it also increases endurance of your body.

The best idea to get your desired results is to take keto supplements with keto diet to strengthen your muscles, as well as increased stamina.



It is a common supplement which uses mostly by the males to boost their testosterone levels. It is not a necessary supplement to use but it can help you achieve better results especially with each workout.



HMB is the best ally to be on your side while fighting against the fatigue and muscle wasting. When you are a beginner, the first week of keto diet is no doubt very tough especially for the ones who are also doing workouts.

Hydroxymethlybutyrate helps in preventing the breakdown of your muscles so, if you are looking to start keto diet along with a workout program, this supplement is the necessary one which will help you in taking your workouts to a whole new level. People usually mixed up these with BHB salts but those are totally different.

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Chromium and Alpha Lipoic Acid provides help in metabolizing glucose in the blood. Glucose is stored in the body which it uses as a fuel.

When you maximize your intake of these two antioxidants, it increases the rate to burn calories and gets you into ketosis even faster.

ALA is a proven supplement which shows that it will help protect the mitochondria in your cells and boosts your insulin sensitivity. It optimizes your glucose levels and along with other benefits as well. You will not find a keto supplement in the market which contains these in the perfect amount.


Optimizing your health and life is not an easy task because you have to get full ketosis. I am doing this for the past five years and after gaining so much experience, I still can’t get into full ketosis without the help of keto diet supplements.

These supplements are more than helpful with the keto cycles and because of it, I found a lot of products which help you speed up the induction phase and you will get your fitness goals very fast. Because I have worked with a lot of people in these 5 years, who are new as well as experienced, and it really helped me a lot understanding the core reasons which makes a product great.

After undergoing a lot of tests, I have made a list of best keto supplements. All these products are proven and we share all the results on this site. Whether you are in need of an organic MCT oil or wants to have some protein and vitamins boost, you will find something on this site which will suit your specific needs. You should check out the reviews section and free guides as well to get your goals with more ease.