In this Keto update where I’ll be talking about my impressions of being on keto and the keto diet results. I’ve been on the keto diet for this past month and it has been really interesting. Because it’s like having to learn a completely new way of eating. Basically, I’m trying to keep my carbs very low and not only keep my carbs. Very low but also keep my protein Moderate and so than having a really High-fat diet.


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So that is basically the exact opposite of the way that you know we’ve been told to eat. The way I’ve been trying to eat especially whenever I work on getting healthier. For Years so it’s been it’s been a challenge but there are also lots of things about Keto that make it super easy. So I’ve mentioned this in a couple of my blogs my hunger has been much lower than it used to be. My hunger Used to feel kind of unbearable and now it’s definitely something that I can walk around with for a few hours. Live with it and not have a problem.

So that really helps me control myself and my appetite. I’m eating and I will say though that as the month went on I did start to get hungrier and hungrier.

Keto Flu

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The first week I had keto Flu so I wasn’t super hungry. But from like the second and third week, I really wasn’t hungry at all. It got to the point where I was barely eating so, in the fourth week I started to get really hungry. Even though I was eating all of my planned calories. That put me in this pretty tough position because I had planned out all of my macros. So I knew exactly how much fat I was Eating. Exactly how much calories how many carbohydrates and how much protein.

So I was still hungry so I had to turn around and eat more. It’s actually kind of difficult to just get only fat calories because I felt like I had maxed out on the protein. The carbs that I could have so I could really only have fat so that put me in a difficult position. So then I just had to exceed my macros and I was just eating whatever.


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I wanted to eat that was protein and fat. Another thing that has really helped is that the food is really delicious. Because fat is really delicious when you add butter and cheese. Such things make it really tasty so that helped me not feel as deprived. The food being delicious plus my hunger being lower made it so much easier for my cravings. My cravings basically went away so I would see a cookie or I would see a cake and not want them. Because I want to meet this other goal in keto diet results.

Whereas before when I would work out and eat healthily, I would see a cookie I would really want it and feel really deprived. So to that end, Keto has really helped with that. I’m still experimenting with fat bombs and keto desserts to find one that I really like. I did link to the peanut butter dark chocolate almond butter cups. 

A cake that’s a savory mud cake so it’s like garlic and herbs and things that I really enjoy but, I have not found one that’s like a cake. I’ve tried a couple of recipes and they’ve all come out kind of Gross. When I find one that I like I will definitely recommend that.

Fiber Intake

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One challenge that I have been having is getting enough fiber. I do try to make sure that I’m getting six to seven servings of vegetables a day. Because that’s really important.  I’m still having a hard time getting in 25 grams of fiber every day. Which is what they say is necessary for gut health. I just find that I feel better gut wise if I’m getting in enough fiber.

So that is something that I’m going to be working on. Something that I’ve definitely been struggling with keto diet results.

Keto Diet Results (Figures and Numbers)

Alright now let’s talk numbers. How much weight did I lose? So when I started keto I weighed two Hundred and fifteen point four pounds. And the weight started to come off basically right away for the first two weeks. I lost a good bit of weight. I got down to 206 point six in the first two weeks but then in the third week, I Actually gained two pounds. Luckily this Week the scale started dropping again. So I got down to 205 point four. I have lost a total of ten pounds in my first month of keto. This is really exciting now I don’t know if those numbers are going to continue to drop in the exact same way. I hope they do.

My ultimate goal would probably be to lose about 40 pounds. So you know we’re looking at a four-month at a minimum journey. Presumably, I’ll hit some plateaus and you know my weight will fluctuate so we’ll see how it goes but that’s my ultimate goal. So yeah I mean my goal is just kind of continue with keto.


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To be honest I don’t think that I will do keto permanently. I will do a modified version of it because I just miss being able to have more vegetables more fruits. And miss my green smoothies and but really that’s about it that’s all that I really miss. I don’t really miss any of that other stuff I feel like I can have

That stuff every once in a while like cookies and sweets and breads I don’t really miss it. I do miss being able to grab an apple and eat an apple if I want an apple or you know to be able to eat ten cups of vegetables in a day. Another huge salad if I feel like it so that reason alone I will eventually go off keto. But for now, I’m going to keep going so I hope you guys join me on the journey and I will see you guys soon with more keto diet results.